Revolutionizing the Pool Building Process

If you're looking to build a swimming pool in Dallas this year and are completely overwhelmed, then you have come to the right place. This is the perfect time to plan, personalize, and build the outdoor living space of your dreams! KDG of Dallas has created a service geared toward the discerning homeowner that takes the guess work out of pool construction, pool builders, and contractor selection called PoolWorx℠.

With the economic downturn, the building industry suffered greatly and so did its customers. At KDG, we saw a demand and developed a consumer-friendly approach to pool construction called PoolWorx℠. You'll discover how our revolutionary pool building process will help you avoid the pain of buyers' remorse while saving you thousands of dollars. It's the 411 on pool building and remodeling for Dallas homeowners.

Let our Dallas team show you how our proprietary service PoolWorx℠ will relieve most homeowners from aggravation related to pool contractors. You'll get an inside look at our talented Dallas- based design and management team. Get the most of your outdoor living space without sacrificing quality or price. Let us build or remodel your Dallas pool today!

Just complete the form above to receive a free pool consultation. There's no obligation. And don't worry – KDG will never sell your information to third parties. Your privacy is safe with us.

Secrets to a Quality Project

With PoolWorx℠, our goal is to educate our clients, help them avoid painful mistakes, and maximize their buying power so they can enjoy their investment for years to come. See what our past customers have said about PoolWorx℠ and how it changed their thinking on the pool construction process. Let's start building or remodeling your Dallas pool today!